I know it can be hard getting a business off the ground, attracting customers and actually making money. You see all these success stories around and feel capable of that. Days, weeks, months and even years can fly by and you feel so close.

You’re not alone. In fact this is how most entrepreneurs feel, especially in the beginning.

This is what defines you as an entrepreneur: that nagging feeling that you’re capable of creating something for yourself and you feel you deserve more. That is often the fuel that keeps us going.

I remember feeling this for years. Actually, I think I felt it my whole life. In my 20’s I had worked into a “successful” career but wasn’t fulfilled by it. In fact, I felt like something was draining inside me.

So I quit and went for it and it was the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had. That was followed by the biggest ass kicking I’ve ever had and major financial struggles, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now things are much different, I have built a team of people helping me create a multi-million dollar company.

There’s 2 key things that drive your results:

  1. The most important thing is your headspace. You know what I mean. There’s that zone where you can take on the world. Everything clicks, you get every green light, and there’s a parking spot at the door. You approach everything full on.
  2. Your plan. The right headspace is a necessity but you have to know what to put that energy into and have a solid plan of where you’re going and how to get there.

I never had a plan and I didn’t spend enough time getting in the right headspace in the beginning. It really slowed my business growth. Now I live in the zone…my morning is a structured routine of clean diet, meditation, exercise, focus exercises. I plan weekly and daily where I’m going, why, how I’m going to get there and most importantly, who’s going to help.

Headspace and planning is about knowing what to do and knowing what not to do (what to avoid). Take a second and make some decisions of what you can do to up your game on a daily basis right now.
In my next article I’m going to talk about how to get more done to get more results.