Digital Printing from KA Media – The Secret Weapon in Your Calgary Event Planning or Branding Arsenal

You’ve got an impossible deadline and a budget, but need your Calgary event to be memorable. Scratch that. Not just memorable, you’ve got to figure out a way to drill your client’s brand or message so far into the minds of those who attend, the only thing they’ll be thinking about is how excited they are to make a donation to the cause, buy the product or join the team. But, how?

Kick Ass Digital Printing is the Answer

No matter the event, whether it’s a trade show, charity gala or even a wedding, large format printing and displays from KA Media are the solution. Educating or entertaining your audience, showcasing your brand or even telling attendants where the loo is located has never been so easy. High quality, large format printing that conveys your message in a visually remarkable way is our specialty. When it comes to digital printing, Calgary has never seen media that’s so slick and still affordable.

Our Attention to Detail Saves You Time & Money

We’re able to provide such high quality printing and displays in just a couple of days because we make sure we understand what our clients want and need from their media, in the first place. With KA Media banners, photo backdrops, wall stickers and trade show displays, Calgary event marketers, like you, save time and money because we get it right the first time.

Ready to Rock?

When they’re looking for large format printing, Calgary event planners trust us to deliver the results they need with media that’s ready to work. Contact us to get started!

Discover the power of effective marketing materials with our help.