Event Info

Event Information

the Core

The Core Arts and Culture Centre

223 Pinnacle Belleville ON K8N 3A7


Snack and refreshments provided


Event Schedule

Times are approximate and you will have time for networking, swapping business cards and meeting your neighbours.


Identifying your audience is the base of an online plan. Often times business owner feel like they should be sharing on social media and will just start posting content about products, services or articles. To be most effective it should start with a plan and to create a plan it should start with understanding your audience. We’re going to cover who is best for you to focus on and how to focus on them to attract more of the customers you want.


Understanding how to turn an online audience into offline customers. Once you’ve started building that audience you’ll want a clear process of how to turn them into buyers (this is the goal). We’re going to create a step by step method that works for you, your business and your customers to get them in-store, on the phone and most importantly purchasing from you.


Special guest: Shelby Kramp-Neuman. We’re really fortunate to have a special guest join us at this event. Shelby is going to talk about how to protect yourself as an business owner for those unexpected things that appear in life. So often we don’t have a safety net in place and if we have a health challenge or find ourselves unable to work it can be the end of our business. Shelby is going to talk about why and how to set yourself and your family up to be protected.


We’re going to tie it all together. We’ll have our customers identified, we’ll have our message, we’ll have a plan of how to get them from online to offline so to finish we have to create a plan to make sure it all happens. It’s easy to know what to do but lose motivation to keep doing it. We’re going to get into how you can maintain that excitement and get long term results. This may be the most important section of the day.


I knew that I needed someone or something to help me grow my business, but never knew who or what that was until I started coaching. I am passionate about what I do, and turned it into a business, but lacked experience in actually running a successful company. With the help of coaching from Chris, he has helped me develop and implement ways to continue to grow my business and make it more successful.
In business, there are always questions, concerns, and issues. You stay in your comfort zone and decide that’s ok, but in reality you’re limiting your potential. Chris has not only helped with the knowledge on how to grow, but been an anchor in helping me become a leader.
His knowledge, expertise, experiences and motivation keep me working towards bigger and better goals. At the end of the day, every successful coach, needs a coach, and Chris has been one of he best investments I’ve made for myself and my business since I opened 8 years ago. I’m excited about the future of my company for the first time. I feel more organized, efficient and ready to take on each day with a new, clear picture of what I want out of life for myself and my company and my employees!

Ashton ~ The Right Fit

It has been such a pleasure working with the KA Media team!

We often work on tight timelines and the team works tirelessly to delivery our material on time and meet our quality expectations. They are also a great resource when we need to brainstorm unique display ideas for our We Day events.

Rachel Thompson

Print Production Manager, Free The Children