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Ordering Vinyl Banners in Toronto has Never Been So Easy or So Rewarding

 Finding effective and affordable ways to stand out in a city as big as Toronto can be challenging. Another business or organization always has more resources to invest in promotional materials. How can you compete?


Affordable, Effective Vinyl Banners from KA Media

 Unlike other printing companies serving the Toronto area, KA Media is able to satisfy your need for high quality custom banners with a professional design team who knows the best way to make your banners, and your Toronto business or organization, the centre of attention for less cost and less hassle.


So often, when ordering vinyl banners in Toronto, you’re forced to sacrifice the quality, cost or timeliness of your printing project. With KA Media, a streamlined design and printing process combines with continuous communication and our use of high quality vinyl to ensure every Toronto client gets the BIG three: High quality vinyl banners printed and delivered to you in a timely fashion and in-line with your budget.     


High Quality Vinyl Brings Your Banners to Life


 Every time a client from Toronto places an order for one of our full colour, custom vinyl banners, we choose the type of vinyl that we use according to what will look and function the best wherever the banner is used and for as long as the client intends to use it.


Outdoor Banners with Wind Relief

Banners that will be used on Toronto storefront exteriors or outside at events, for instance, are made from high quality mesh vinyl so that wind can pass through without resistance. This ensures that the vinyl banners Toronto clients want and need for promotional purposes are able to stand the test of time with long term use.


Outdoor Banners that Block Harsh Sunlight

Nothing is worse than investing in a banner that’s meant to promote your Toronto business or event only to have the details and design blocked by sunlight passing through the vinyl. With a specialized matte scrim blockout from KA Media, your message is always clear. These banners last at least 5 years outside and can be double sided.


Banners for Interiors or Short Term Use

The vinyl banners Toronto clients require for use inside or shorter periods of time will last a minimum of 3 years outside and longer inside. Like all our banners, those printed on matte vinyl are full colour and durable.


Ready to take your Toronto business or event to the next level? Call 1-877-860-3684 to speak to one of our designers about your options for high quality vinyl banners today. We’ve got the Fast, Affordable and Effective marketing solutions you need!