Vinyl Printing

We offer a variety of vinyl adhesive products which range in application for use on vehicles to store windows.

You can upgrade to Block-Out Adhesive (built in light block out to ensure no light penetration)

Perforated (micro penetrations to allow for light transmission)

Vinyl Printing: Big Marketing Bang for Your Buck

Marketing is a necessity for every business, no matter their industry, if they want to grow. The problem is that advertising your brand through traditional mediums like television or radio advertisements and printing ads in newspapers and magazines, is expensive and likely not an option for those with small budgets. The solution? Vinyl printing services that produce the banner your business needs for the biggest marketing effect possible.

Why Banners Made Out of Vinyl Kicks Ass

Vinyl may not be the material of choice for high-quality furniture, but it is the material that’s used effectively in the printing of durable, attractive banners that will get your business the attention it needs.

Vinyl comes in many different forms and colours, meaning we can customize the vinyl we use in the printing of your banner so that it’s the most durable piece of marketing material you can own. With banners lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 years and longer, depending on their location, vinyl is a quality printing material and the perfect way to display your message now and in the future.

What’s more is that different forms of vinyl can be used to maximize the look and function of the banner in certain settings. When wind or sunlight are issues, for instance, we adjust the printing of the banner and use types of vinyl made to withstand the elements.

Vinyl Printing is Appropriate for Every Business & Every Marketing Goal

KA Media has performed vinyl printing services for a large number of different companies across a huge variety of industries. Before any vinyl printing takes place, our designers will consult with you to ensure the end result—your kick ass vinyl banner—is everything it should be. With the right message, design and location, what may seem like a simple piece of vinyl will attract the attention your business deserves.

Just ask any of the hundreds of satisfied customers we’ve already served. We’ve performed printing on vinyl and other materials for events, special offers, brands and more, for the likes of TIFF, Disney and LG, to name a few.

To inquire about the printing services offered at KA Media, to ask a question about vinyl printing or to place an order, call us at 1-877-860-3684.