Step and Repeat Logo Size and Placement

You’re creating a Step and Repeat for your event. Now you are trying to figure out the size of logos and placement.


One thing we commonly see, usually with galas and other charity or fundraisers, is that designers are forced to fit too many logos onto the backdrop.


The point of the logo is 2:

  1. Show up well in photos in order to:
  2. Highlight sponsors and brands.

There is usually only a small space around people that is actually showing up in photos. If you have too many logos it can make it difficult to make sure that there is enough rotation showing up in photos.


Note: If your sponsors are looking at photos after and don’t see their logo they may not want to donate again the following year.


So what is the ideal size and placement of logos on a step and repeat?


We recommend anywhere from 10″ to 16″. This will make the logos big enough to be seen but small enough to fit as many as needed.


For number of logos we really recommend trying to aim for 5 or 6 max. We know this can be hard, sometimes we create backdrops with 10 or more and it’s busy looking.


Often when we work with bigger brands and established charities they know to useless.


For this reason we recommend, if this is a fundraiser or charity and you’re using the backdrop for sponsors to have the step and repeat be a higher level sponsorship.


Create a tiered system so that they have to donate a premium to be included on the backdrop. Too often people give away this space to all sponsors because it’s an “easier sell” but you’re giving away valuable space AND your higher value sponsors may feel devalued.


Really think about your step and repeat logos size and placement. This is a crucial piece to your event.


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– The Kick Ass Team