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Outdoor Banner Stand

outdoor banner 3 shot

Outdoor Banner Stand

Print Size: 31.5in by 79in ( 2.6 feet wide by 6.6 feet tall)

Outdoor Banner Stand $250 Matte vinyl print with block-out includes carrying case and first print water or sand weighted.  It is printed with latex ink and is weatherproof.

  • Full resolution prints from a photo-grade printer on a photo-grade print material

  • Block out backing to ensure no shadows or light penetrates your print

  • Almost 7 feet tall

retractable banner stand

Outdoor Banner Stands

If you’re looking to brand an outdoor space or want to promote your business’ special offers to those driving by, outdoor banner stands from KA Media are the perfect solution. With a custom banner and easy-to-use, durable stands, these marketing tools will deliver your message in style while standing up to the challenges of your outdoor space.

Same Quality Banner & Stands, Reinforced for Outdoor Use

When you buy custom banner stands from KA Media, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits a high-quality, custom designed and printed banner provides, with reassurance that if the wind blows or the sun is shining, the banner won’t topple over nor will the message be blocked. Outdoor marketing has its own set of challenges, but the banner stands KA Media creates specifically for use outdoors are designed to deliver the biggest effect in the most functional way possible.

Banner Materials that Block the Sun

When advertising in any outdoor space, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring everyone can see and read the promotional material on your banner and that it isn’t blocked by the sun’s rays. Instead of re-positioning stands as the sun moves, choose a KA Media banner that’s crafted from a material specially designed for outdoor use and for minimizing glare.

Stands that Stay Up

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to advertise with a banner in an outdoor space, only to have the stand topple continuously in the wind. All of the stands used for any outdoor banner we design and print are durable and made to stand tall in the elements.

If you’re shopping for a banner that will be exactly the promotional piece you need for an outdoor space, contact us at 1-877-860-3684 to learn more about our banner printing services, stands and more. With a satisfaction, money-back guarantee, competitive prices and express design, printing and delivery times, nothing stands between you and seizing your outdoor marketing opportunity. Call now!