Pop-Up Banner Stand

The Premium Choice in Pop Up/ Retractable Banner Stands

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Pop-up Banner Stand

Print Size: 31.5in by 79in ( 2.6 feet wide by 6.6 feet tall)

With a lightweight, compact and durable frame our retractable banner stand offers an attractive palate to showcase products and critical product information. Designed to showcase with brilliance photo quality images, diagrams and technical drawings our retractable seamless print panels serve to showcase the best of your brand.

  • Full resolution prints from a photo-grade printer on a photo-grade print material
  • Block out backing to ensure no shadows or light penetrates your print
  • Sold as a single unit with less than a minute set-up time
  • No assembly required



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Pop Up Banner Stands: Fully Functional & Effective


No matter your promotional need, nothing could be easier than a custom banner that will literally pop up into place. With durable, specially designed stands and the right banner, tradeshow displays, event backdrops and in-store promotional material can be put up and taken down again, in no time flat. Whether you own a large company in Toronto or need to advertise at a small event in Calgary, pop up banner stands are the fastest promotional solution available.


Pop Up a Banner to Create Professional Displays in Seconds


Those who have had to come up with displays for booths or stands at tradeshows, conferences and other events know that time is of the essence and investing in displays that not only look great but can also be set-up and taken down in no time and with little manpower is a decision you never regret.


The next time your company needs stands for shows in Toronto or galas in Vancouver, consider the pop up banner and/or displays that deliver maximum results with minimal effort.


KA Media Pop Up Banner Stands


KA Media is the go-to design and printing company for the pop up displays Toronto businesses and event organizers require when they need a high-quality promotional banner equipped with stands that allow the display to simply pop up into place. What makes pop up banner stands from our Toronto-area company unique is that every banner is printed according to your custom design, using the highest-quality materials and stands that never fail to impress their users by how quickly and easily they pop up into position.


With KA Media pop up displays, Toronto-area businesses and individuals can control the design of their banner as intently as they wish; if you have a design, pictures and colours you want to use, we can create your pop up according to that plan. If, however, you’re unsure about how you want your displays to appear, our design experts can assist you. No matter which route you choose, KA Media displays that pop up into position are the fastest way to get from zero to promotional perfection.


To learn more about our pop up stands and displays, contact us at 1-877-860-3684. We serve the marketing and promotional needs of people throughout Toronto but also other parts of the country. Call us to learn more.