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x banner 3 shot

The Economical and Effective choice in non retractable banner stands
Print Size: 24in by 60in (2 feet wide by 5 feet tall)
While more economical the full effect of your media will not be compromised with the X-Banner alternative. The light weight frame supports banners traditionally hung from fixed structures on a stand alone sleek aluminum frame. The X-banner is best suited to those looking for a more economical alternative and who are less concerned about preserving the photographic qualities of their prints.
-Printed on a Matte Banner Material with a back block out to avoid shadows on the print
-Print and frame are separate and attached together with grommets

xbanner stands


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Quality, Portable Banner Stands


Ask any tradeshow, gala or marketing veteran and they’ll tell you that the best investments you can make are in quality, portable banner stands. While you might think you can get away with a cheaply made banner or stands of any type or make, you’ll regret your decision the first time you go to set-up your banner or display.


Like the Name Says—Portable, Portable, Portable!


Some of the other banner options on the market today come with stands so heavy the display should hardly be considered portable, at least not for one person. Having a banner that’s portable, meaning easily carried by one person and transported in a nice compact package, will make set-up and take down a snap, so that when you’re rushed for time on the day the event or promotion starts, and exhausted on the day when your stands need to be taken down again, your banner will be the least of your worries. Portable banner stands by KA Media are a must for anyone looking to use their banner or display again and again.


A Banner & Stands that Come with Options  


Poorly crafted stands are a headache to put up indoors and are virtually useless outdoors. There’s little point buying a display that’s poorly made but ‘portable’ because it will fail to impress you and those you target the more you move it or if you try to use it outside, when the elements will cloud your message or prevent the stands from staying up.


Because KA Media only uses the best quality materials, including those we use when printing a banner or the stands that come with our portable displays, you can rest assured that your portable display will continue to look and function as well as it did on the first day you bought it, whether you purchased one for outdoor use or indoor promotional purposes. There’s a wide range of ways you can customize your portable banner when you buy from KA Media and you’ll never have to sacrifice function for style or price.


Affordable Pricing at KA Media

Our full line of printing services are available for competitive prices, making it easier for you to invest in a high-quality portable banner that stands proudly on its own, is customized for your business or event’s promotional needs and built to last. Call us at 1-877-860-3684 to order your custom banner now.