Step and Repeat Backdrop Banners and Walls

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Step and Repeat Backdrop

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Custom Step & Repeat Backdrops for Red Carpet Events, Photos, and Marketing:


  • Highlight sponsors and raise awareness at your next Gala
  • Create photo opportunities at your Red Carpet Movie Premiere
  • Promote your brand through a Marketing Campaign
  • Set a backdrop for your Press Conference
  • Or any other photo or marketing opportunity
  • In a RUSH? No problem!

There is a wide variety of sizes and options for your event. 

Proudly used by these companies and many others.


Gala Step and Repeat

Gala Fundraisers:

Promote sponsors, create awareness for your cause, raise funds and treat your guests to an awesome night. Did you know your backdrop can help you raise more funds and develop stronger sponsors relationships?

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Marketing backdrop

Marketing Events:

Your backdrop is the key to creating brand or product awareness and engaging with your audience. Whether you are doing 1 event, traveling to multiple activations or may want to reuse in the future there is an option for you.

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Press Conference Backdrop

Press Conferences:

You have a message to share or event to kick off. Your guests and media may be onsite. The backdrop must be smooth and represent the brand or the message.

Click Here to see how to set up for success at your next press conference.

Movie Premieres:

With the talent on-site, photographers and media, logistics of the location and everything else going on…this backdrop has to nail it. Fabric is a must for that professional look your boss or client are expecting.

Click Here to learn the top things to consider for your next movie premiere.

The Print:

This is the printed face of the backdrop. It can have custom colors, logos or even images.

There are different types of materials based on if you’re using once or multiple times, indoors or outdoors, traveling, etc

The Frame:

The Frame portion is what will stand up to hold your print. There are many different frame types available.

Some require tools, some don’t, some are visible when setup, some are hidden behind your print.

Basically some are awesome and some not so much…get the one that suits your vision.


The Expand Step and Repeat:

This is the expand backdrop. It is the most popular used at events of all types.

It requires no tools, sets up in minutes and folds up small for traveling or storing.

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