Attending trade shows could change everything for your business if done right.

These are excellent opportunities to get in front of your ideal audience and engage with them face to face.

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Over the years, we’ve noticed that at any trade show the most important piece is making sure your booth speaks to your audience and attracts them to come and talk to you.

This can happen through the booth layout, the products, the design, and the message you promote on the products.
A lot of business owners get lost in planning their trade show booths, and honestly, it can get overwhelming if you don’t have help. There a ton of products to choose from, and people often make the mistake of not making a plan of what to use, what to put on them, or how to use them effectively.

Booth layout is important.

How will you use the displays to hook your audience and talk to you?

How will you set everything up that optimizes the space and creates a good flow?

What products to use is also a tricky decision. A good example is using tables over counters. You need a table to put paperwork on, but lower tables can be an awkward height to try and have a conversation with someone. We always recommend counters, which provide tons of space for paperwork, and are at eye level height so you can have a conversation with someone with ease.
The design and message you put on your displays is crucial. Designing the booth in a way that reflects your beliefs will attract the people that align with those beliefs.

If your message is genuine, your ideal audience will feel pulled to talk to you.

Once there, having a conversation with someone who is already intrigued with what you have to offer will dramatically increase the potential for a huge amount of leads.
How would you like to talk to someone who works with big companies to help them execute trade shows all the time?

Someone who can really help you attract more people to you booth?

Our team collaborates with people like you all the time! Attracting your audience is key to converting them face to face, and we know this attraction can be captured with our displays. We’ve seen this work for our clients, and their businesses have had huge results! 1.877.880.0326