I started Kick Ass Media because I was unhappy at a corporate career and had no idea what this was going to turn into. Have you ever worked a job where there’s not really anything wrong, the money was ok, the people were ok, the job was actually ok but there’s that something missing in your heart.

That’s how I felt and I tried to ignore it for a couple years but reached a point where I just couldn’t anymore. I decided that I needed to do something. I came up with the idea of Kick Ass Media, quit my job, made some business cards and was off.

The day I walked out of that job I realized that I had been staying there out of fear but this decision was out of courage and I felt alive. The sun was shining on my face and my heart beating joy in my chest I knew I would never go back.

What followed in the coming months though was the biggest ass kicking of my life. I found myself broke, struggling and questioning what I was doing but I made a decision that Failure was not an option.

Over the years we learned and evolved and grew and learned and evolved and grew.

Now I’m grateful for the outstanding team that we have, the clients that we work with all over North America, the amazing projects that we get to do and most importantly the ability to come and see people put their all into what we’re creating.

Kick Ass Media technically is about experiential printing for events and marketing but really it’s a movement. It’s about how business can be. It can be about creating something that people love to be a part of, get to grow in, get to celebrate in and most importantly create a life(style) around.

I’d love to hear from you, work with you or share with you anything that I can. I am here as a company leader, partner, teacher, student, friend, coach and whatever else I may be required to do.

Hi-Five and may you make decisions from courage and reap the rewards that come with them!

Chris Crawford