backdrops for tiff premieres & parties

Have a Red Carpet premiere with a Kick Ass Step and Repeat set up!

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Lights, camera, action… mayhem?

Waiting until the last minute to get your backdrops for TIFF probably wasn’t the best decision, but don’t worry, hope is not lost. The quality of the material and the setup is crucial. Apart from the films, the red carpet and the after parties are where the action happens, and it needs to look perfect. Even if the Franco brothers are bromancing it up on the red carpet – no one wants to look at an ugly backdrop.


No stress red carpet experiences

(Save the drama for the films)

High quality backdrops and installation is possible, and it’s easier than people think.

Most people are unaware how big these backdrops need to be in order to create an impression. Because of this, it’s easy to forget that images are easily pixelated and distorted when stretching them to large sizes. Moreover, materials that are anti-glare and can support breathtakingly HD images, lifetime hardware warranties, and a multitude of setup options, are all things that should be considered when searching for the right company to recreate the movie experience.

Experienced graphic designers that have worked with large HD files before are crucial for creating a memorable experience. Furthermore, sales reps who have worked with major companies and are knowledgeable about products that look good on camera is key.

Whether the set up is for the red carpet or an after party, quality products create an attraction.

If you want to have a successful TIFF event and learn more backdrop and display options, reach out and start your conversation with us today.

Our experienced team will help you through the process of choosing the right materials and setup options without sacrificing quality.

We have worked with companies such as Disney, 20th Century Fox, CBC, and Bell Media, all the while remaining confidential and maintaining quick turnaround times.

More often than not, film festivals can flop simply because the red carpet and after parties lack the wow factor. This is the ideal spot for interviews, press action, and photos, so only the highest quality of materials and products should be considered.

If your not ready to start your conversation with us today, remember to interview companies to determine their experience working for large film festivals and if they offer warranties and guarantees. Also, knowledgeable graphic designers who can recreate movie art on large backdrops is key, as well as sales reps who can offer high quality material options and a quick turn around.

Creating the perfect TIFF experience is possible.

Lights, camera, action… success.

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