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Step and Repeat Backdrops:

Backdrops are great if you’re setting up a booth or doing photos.

It gives you the opportunity to have a large space for your brand message and to attract your audience.

Step and Repeats can be made in all sizes from 5′ wide up to 50′ wide and usually are 8′ or 10′ tall.

If you’re getting a backdrop for outdoors you’ll want a wall style that you can weight down in case there’s wind.

You’ll also want fabric because it looks premium, is the most portable and is the easiest to setup and take down.

This pop-up style frame is durable and lightweight. Our frames are made from aluminum and they are easy to set up and take down. Your artwork will be printed using dye sublimation process onto the jersey knit polyester material. The material/your artwork can be left on the frame and folded up making it a really easy set-up.
• Backdrop Sizes: 5′ x 8′, 8′ x 8′, 10′ x 8′, 10′ x 10′, 12′ x 8′, 15′ x 8′, 20′ x 8′, 20′ x 10′ (Bigger sizes available)

• Wrinkle resistant fabric

• Female velcro is sewed onto the fabric and attaches to the male velcro on the frame

• Pop up style frame

Turnaround Time: 5-7 business days

Shipping: Ships from Ontario, Canada

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee that you will 100% love your backdrop/product or you get your money back.  Send us back your backdrop or product within 2 days of receiving it and we will provide you will a full refund. 

Expand Frames Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

Our frames are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of busy event professionals. Stop replacing less than ideal hardware that barely makes it through a single award season. Buy an expand frame from Kick Ass Media and you will never need another backdrop! For as long as we carry it, your step and repeat expand hardware is covered by a no-cost replacement warranty. You only cover the shipping!

Colour Matching Guarantee:

We guarantee to match the exact colour you are looking for.  In order to guarantee this we will require enough time to send you colour swatches (on the materials we will be using) for you to pick and approve the colour.  

Provide us with your Pantone colour code and we will colour match it! 

Please note that the colours in your proof may not fully match the colour that is printed on the fabric, especially if it is heavy coverage. The colours you see on your screen will not be as vibrant/bright when printed on fabric. We recommend getting a swatch printed ahead of printing if you have specific colour requirements. We cannot guarantee colour matching on rush jobs.

Custom Tents:

Custom tents have become really popular in both indoor and outdoor events. You’ve got many size options for customized tents.  You will have to decide what your budget is and how much space you at your outdoor or indoor event. 

The most common size for tents is a 10′ x 10′ tent.  If you are on a budget, but need to be covered you can consider an 8′ x 8′ but we also offer 10′ x 15′ and 10′ x 20′.  

When considering a custom tent or canopy, make sure you confirm that you have the space to fit it.   Questions to ask your indoor or outdoor venue are: how high are the ceilings? How much space am I getting?   You will also want to consider your future events as well.  If you plan on using this tent many times, think about the spaces that you will possibly get in the future.  

Our custom portable tents are made from steel or aluminum (depending on what you decide to go with) and they are easy to set up and take down. Your artwork will be printed using dye sublimation process onto 600D canvas material. The canopy stays on the frame and folds up making it a really easy set-up.
• Tent Sizes: 5′ x 5′, 8′ x 8′, 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 15′, 10′ x 20′, 20′ x 8′, 20′ x 10′ (Bigger sizes available)

• Comes with carrying case

• Water, UV & Fire Retardant

• Aluminum or Steel frames available

• One-Piece Quick Click Instant Set Up Frame

• Telescoping Legs Lock Into Place Using a Patented Toggle System

• Elevated Center Design for Increased Headroom

• Double-Braced Roof Trusses

• Reinforced Steel Outer Legs

• Pull-Pin Quick Release Lock System

• Bolt-on Top to Protects Against Wear and Tear

• Reinforced stitching to Protect Against Wear and Tear

Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shipping: Ships from Ontario, Canada


Flags can help you be seen above the crowd, but they also incorporate movement into your set up, which can help catch peoples eye. Whether you’re planning a brand activation, trade show, festival, or sporting event, flags shouldn’t be overlooked as a potential add-on. 

How tall do you want your brand to stand?  Flags come in 8′, 10′, 12′, and even 16′ tall.  

You will want to confirm with the indoor or outdoor venue if you are allowed to use the flags (we don’t see why not!), and if it’s indoor, how tall the ceilings are.   

TIP:  It’s all about the height – depending on the type of event you are attending, you might want to go tall so everyone can see your flag and recognize your brand from anywhere at the event. 

Our custom flags are made from aluminum alloy and fibreglass. They are easy to set up and take down. We use dye sublimation printing on a 600D polyester material which is water resistant and UV coated, which allows your artwork to be vivid and will not fade.
• Tent Sizes: 8′, 10, 12′, 16′

• Comes with carrying case

• Water resistant and UV coated

• Aluminum alloy and fibreglass

• Single or double sided

• Easy to set up

Turnaround Time: 2 weeks

Shipping: Ships from Ontario, Canada


For step and repeat backdrops, the material type is key to getting the look you want. 

A good guess would be that you are going to be using the backdrop mainly for photo purposes.   In that case, you are going to want to consider the fabric option.  Fabric is reusable, portable and you can leave it right on the frame when you put it up and take it down.  It’s wrinkle-resistant, dry-cleanable and durable.  Definitely worth it for long term use. 

From experience and feedback, the main reason a client doesn’t buy fabric is because they are on a budget.  In that case, they typically go with the material option of vinyl for their outdoor event.  The reason we don’t recommend vinyl is because of the purpose of a backdrop, in most cases, is for taking photos at the event.  Even though vinyl can come matte, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be glare-free.  Vinyl comes on a roll and can not be folder or it will crease and wrinkle.  We don’t recommend vinyl if you plan on using it for travelling purposes.     

If you want your event to look premium, we recommend the fabric option.  It will be worth it in the long run!

For custom printed tents, there is only one option.

The outdoor tents are fully customizable and printed on 600D polyester (canvas) that is water, UV & fire retardant.   The same material is used for the half walls and full walls.  The reason there is only one option for tents is because we have picked the most durable material to withstand weather in the outdoors. 

TIP:  If you are using the custom printed tent outdoors and don’t want your products to get wet, we recommend looking into the full and half walls available to protect from rain and wind coming from all the directions!

The same goes for custom printed flags.  A dye sublimation process is used (which keeps the colour vibrant) and flags are printed on a 600D polyester material which is water resistant and UV Coated.  The reason this specific material is used to give it a long life in outdoor conditions.   



How do you choose the right product for your outdoor event?

Brands that work with us come back year after year because we know what it takes to execute the perfect worry-free event. We provide step and repeats and displays for movie premieres across North America working with some of the biggest brands and events.

It’s our mission to help you find the best setup for your outdoor event.  

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