Lifetime Frame Warranty

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Expand Step and Repeat Frames


Our frames are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of busy event professionals. Stop replacing less than ideal hardware that barely makes it through a single award season. Buy an expand frame from Kick Ass Media and you will never need another backdrop!  For as long as we carry it, your step and repeat expand hardware is covered by a no-cost replacement warranty. You only cover the shipping!


Break a clip or snap a pole?

Don’t stress – we will repair it at no cost. Just send in the broken hardware and our staff will either fix the part or replace the entire unit with a refurbished one. Better than that, they will also do a full review of your hardware to ensure everything is working as good as new before we send it back to you.


Don’t have time to send in your hardware?

Our staff can overnight you the parts required to fix your frame and walk you through the repair process to get your display back up and running in no time. Stop the stress – we’ve got you covered!

Need to arrange a repair? Give us a call today!



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