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Our Top 3 Trends for Step and Repeat Backdrops in 2024…

Many brands are watching their budget but still want to stand out and get noticed.

There is 1 newer style of backdrop taking the market.

Scroll down to read the top 3 trends we see with Step and Repeat backdrops in 2024


1. Premium Glare Free, Wrinkle Resistant Fabric.

It’s surprising that many brands still use vinyl or the old school panels for backdrops. Fabric is the only way to go on a Step and Repeat or Media Wall.

It looks most premium, shows up well for photos, and stores and travels easiest.

2. The Edge Style Backdrops

This is the biggest up and coming trend in high end Step and Repeats typically for Movies, Red Carpet events or higher end brands doing marketing events.

The Edge style hides all the stitch lines and creates a more smooth seamless looking backdrop. With most other backdrop options there are visible stitch lines and the fabrics need adjustment to look perfect. Not with the Edge.

3. Shadow blocking

More people are starting to opt for double sided backdrop options that hide the frames and block shadows.

This is especially important if your backdrop will be used outdoor or won’t have a wall behind it. With many backdrop options you can see the shadows of bars reflect on the fabric.



clients giving thumbs up in front of their backdrop