Luxury. Premium. Glamorous. Extravagant. Elegant.

What do these words have in common? The above are words you want your audience to say about your red carpet event (RCE for short). Your audience wants to see something they haven’t seen before. You have to make them want to say “That was THE most glamorous red carpet event I’ve been to all year”, or better yet EVER.

Star-Studded. Valued. Important. Invincible. Glamorous. Attractive. Chic. Desired.

And these words? What do they have in common? Any guesses? You might have guessed, these are the emotions you want your audience to feel. There is no greater drive for people than when you evoke emotion. You want your audience to feel desired when they attend and interact with your RCE and its displays. I mean, who doesn’t want to be desired by say Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Aniston? The answer is no one.

But how do you arouse these thoughts and emotions? It’s really not complicated, you …. just … have … to .. (drawing it out some more) keep reading. #sorrynotsorry #weswearwearegreatpeople #notjerks

Ok right to it!

1. Custom Printed Fabric Backdrop – there is no better alternative than the glare and wrinkle free fabric than traditional vinyl. You want your audience to feel attractive and that starts with stellar photos.

2. Stanchions – You can’t have a red carpet event without stanchions. Adding the stanchions adds a star-studded feel, evoking the emotion of importance and authenticity. You could go one further and get custom branded stanchions = epic. You should totally do that.

3. Wall & Floor Graphics  – An alternative to directional signage is peel and stick wall and floor graphics. Say what? Definitely, a wow factor to create your custom red carpet event. Any shape, size or image – we got you covered. Convey messages in a new way and from all angles.

4. Lighting – It’s all about the lighting, you know that though, you take selfies … right? #givemeyourbestduckface #ohnatural why should it be any different at an RCE, your audience wants to look and feel their best so you need proper lighting. LED lighting that attaches to the top of your backdrop to be specific.

5. Directional Signage – Although wall and floor graphics are an awesome alternative there are certain aspects where you need some directional signage. Picture this scenario, having a couple beverages and you have to go to the washroom to break the seal, you want to find your way to the loo in a timely effort, correct? Directional signage, simple as that. 

6. Engagement – If you want your audience to engage with your display at your RCE you need to tell them exactly how you want them to engage and when. You want them to check into the event via smartphone? Instagram a post with a #hastag? Then YOU have to tell them to do so… and maybe provide an incentive. And you need a sign for that.

7. Is Size a Thing? – Sorry but.. size matters. You need to ask yourself how many people are going to be on the red carpet at a time and how many people are going to be in a group shot. If you have a sizeable event with quite a number of people you will need the appropriate size backdrop. Don’t stress. We have your backside covered, we will help you determine the size needed for your event.

7.5. Winning Smile – You will be stressed. You will be scared of failure. You need to succeed. We get it – but you need to put a winning smile on your face, evoke confidence & good things will come.

Create a space where your audience feels desired and attractive: Start with branded displays.

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