The best colours for a step and repeat backdrop?

So you’re having an event and looking at getting a step and repeat backdrop for your red carpet! We have done everything from common white and black to pink and even purple. We also sometimes do full colour photos and pictures. Anything is possible but you want this to look good so it’s worth having a few things in mind. This is a great chance to make your event look even more awesome, celebrate sponsors or the brand and create great photo opportunities. The photos are key because getting people to share photos online means more awareness, traffic and maybe more donations. Basically you want this thing to go viral right? So now it’s what color to use for the step and repeat banner. This is depending on 3 things:
  1. The type of material you’re using
  2. The lighting
  3. The artwork on the backdrop
The reason the material type matters is because if you’re using something like a vinyl or other plastic base you want to be careful of glare. Most printing companies will say that their vinyl is glare free but once you have ink on it it will create a reflective surface. This means if you use a black background it’ll likely have some glare if you use a vinyl material. We always recommend fabric Step and Repeats, it looks premium, wrinkle resistant and it’s glare free. This means that you can go with any background colour and it’ll be fine. The lighting can be a factor because if it’s a low light venue you may want a lighter colour background so it doesn’t disappear and stands out. Lastly the artwork on the backdrop. If you have a certain colour as the background and have logos that are affected by that colour it may not be ideal. For example a black logo on a black background won’t work, you’ll have to turn it white. This might not work. Most logos will work on white. Most of our backdrops we produce are white with logos. For movies and marketing we often do full size colour or pictures. If you want to talk with someone and get more ideas of options, colours, sizes, materials and pricing…feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you and help you find the best option for your event!   – The Kick Ass Team