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Types of Red Carpet Photo Backdrops

Customized red carpet backdrops come in a variety of forms and have a variety of names applied to them. The most common term for a red carpet photo backdrop is a step and repeat. Sometimes called logo walls, these backdrops are designed with photographers in mind. They are called step and repeats because of both the repeating design pattern and the way photographers shoot guests on the red carpet. Guests are asked to step up and take their picture and the process is repeated – thus “step and repeat”.

Vinyl and Fabric

Red carpet photo backdrops are typically made from either vinyl or fabric. To compare the differences between them, you can check out this post about step and repeat materials. The decision typically boils down to budget and lighting conditions. Vinyl is the cheapest red carpet backdrop material. Fabric is a more premium red carpet backdrop material. The reason fabric is more ideal than vinyl is because it is glare freeĀ in pretty much any lighting condition. This means that photographers can take photos without the worry of the backdrop being obscured by white splotches, giving better photos and reducing post-shot touch-ups.

Mounted and Frame Free Solutions

Depending on the venue, a red carpet backdrop can either be mounted on a wall or supported by a frame. The advantage of frames is their ease of setup and tear down. Wall mounted prints come in a variety of forms. Direct mount is the premium choice compared to the more economical hanging alternative. Direct mounted prints are done on a low tack material like stick and peel and are directly applied to walls and windows. The material is specially formulated to be removable without damaging the wall. It also has a matte finish, giving the same glare reduction benefits of fabric.