We help clients make their event more informative, interactive and engaging by helping them address the following needs:

  • Informational: How are you conveying your event’s message to your guests?
  • Directional: How will people find their way to your event and navigate around it?
  • Photo Opportunities: What photo opportunities are you staging for your event?
  • Instructional: Do you need any instructional signage to tell guests what to do at the event?
  • Branding: How is your brand and your sponsors being showcased?
  • Promotional Take-Away: What are the guests walking away from the event with?
Branded Events (Promotional & Product Launches)

We understand that events are a key part of your strategy to engage audiences and give them a first hand experience of your brand. Because of this, we offer a wide range of solutions that bridge the connection between your event and its message, primarily using print media.

Sponsored Events (Charity Galas & Fundraisers)

Sponsorship solicitation requires showing brand engagement, message amplification and increased purchase intent. Because of this, we offer a wide range of solutions that showcase sponsors and motivate your audience to share their experience.

Corporate Events (Trade-shows, Conventions & Meetings)

Corporate events hinge on creating brand experiences that facilitate interaction, engagement & education. We offer branding, informational & way finding solutions that balance with clear messaging and ease of navigation.

Private Events (Weddings or Signature Occasions)

Big milestones in life are cause for great celebration. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a big bash, a red carpet backdrop will bring glamour to your event, make the experience even more amazing for you and your guests, and will provide the perfect backdrop for amazing photos that you will be able to look back at for years to come.

Helping You Find the Right Solution

We pride ourselves in our service to our customers. We don’t just sell products; We help you find the right products for your event that will provide the results you’re looking for.

Call us today and speak to one of our Event Branding Specialists to see what we can do to help you create Kick Ass Experiences.