Fabric prints are both glare free, wave free and better yet can be left on the frame in between events. And if you are using it for multiple events and the print gets dirty you can remove it and have it dry cleaned!

Tension Fabric is Ideal if you:

  •  Are planning on using the print regularly
  •  If you want to be able to clean the print
  •  If you want to be able to leave the print on the frame
  •  Require glare free shots from any angle
  •  Have a low lighting venue
  •  If you have high ink coverage

A tension fabric media wall will ensure that your graphics pop and your team stays stress free. Tension fabric is a polyester glare free material printed using a dye sublimation printer.  In addition to being glare and wave free the fabric step and repeat comes completely assembled in a single small carrying case. This makes it easy to store, easy to set up and awesome to use.

No matter the angle, no matter the lighting, no matter the photographer you can rest assured your red carpet shots will come out with your sponsors’ logos clearly and accurately displayed on a glare free backdrop.

Take the hassle, glare and headache out of your next red carpet event and choose a Fabric Expand Step and Repeat.

Key Features:

  • Full Colour Direct Digital Prints
  • Dry-cleanable
  • Print can be stored on the frame in between uses
  • Arrives attached to 5×8, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 standard frames
  • Custom sizes available