The print is affordable, environmentally friendly, glare free and wave free.

Fabric is the premium choice for backdrops offering an unmatched visual effect which is glare free. In addition to being glare free, the fabric step and repeat can be collapsed into a single small carrying case. This makes it easy to store, easy to set up and awesome to use. No matter the angle, no matter the lighting, no matter the photographer you can rest assured your red carpet shots will come out with your sponsors logos clearly and accurately displayed on a glare free backdrop!

 Fabric is Ideal if you:

  •  Require glare free shots from any angle
  •  Have a low lighting venue
  •  If you have high ink coverage
Our Fabric Print combined with our expand step and repeat frame is ideal for all your event backdrop needs!


Polyester fabric with direct dye sublimation printing results in a colour rich print that won’t fade or run and is dry-cleanable.  This material can be attached and stored on frames for large displays such as step and repeats.

Key Features:

  • Full Colour Direct Digital Prints
  • Dry-cleanable
  • Seamless Prints up to 10′ tall
  • Arrives attached to 5×8, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 standard frames
  • Custom sizes available