Everyone wonders what to tag their photos with.

Take the guess work out of it.

Get your guests to join your conversations online by branding your offline event and photo backdrops with hashtags. There is no better way to get your guests to join in on your social conversation than to have them photograph smartly placed hashtags splashed across your step and repeat or photobooth.

Here are a couple tips when dreaming up your next campaign:

Focus on the Event 

  • Make the hashtag about the event rather than the brand and take the ensuing conversation online in a direction that jells with your brand.

Talk to your Audience

  • Use a hashtag that reflects the feeling that you are trying to invoke at your event.  People want buy from and participate with social brands that speak to their experience. #feelingfantastic #timetocelebrate

Be Funny and Use Props

  • Pull out your guests’ inner actors, full of laughter and jokes, by using ironic and funny hashtags that correspond to relevant props.

Tell Guests where to use the Tag

  • There is no point in asking people to join a conversation if they don’t know where it is happening.

The best way to increase your return on investment is to ensure that your guests are educated on how they can share their experience, tag their photos, and be part of the conversation.