A Step and Repeat is basically just a wall that usually has logos on it for people to stand in front of for photos.

How they work is more based on the type of Step and Repeat you use.

There are many different styles, methods, shapes, and sizes. In this article, I’ll briefly explain the most common step and repeat types and how they work.

 Step and Repeat Categories

Step and Repeats fall under 2 categories:

  1. Custom-built structures
  2. Portable displays


Custom built structures are often large walls made from wood or other materials that require contractors to be on-site and build the wall. Usually this type of step and repeat wall will have 4’x8′ or larger sheets of material fastened to the front. This method takes a lot of work and is usually more expensive.

Portable displays on the other hand are similar to trade show displays. They are easier to use, look great and can be setup in minutes keeping costs low.

Portable displays are usually in 2 pieces: Frame or mounting hardware as well as the printed piece usually made from fabric or vinyl.

The older style of portable display step and repeats were telescopic tube frames. These were great for the time but now aren’t as desired because you can only use vinyl (which shows glare and doesn’t look as good), often requires tools to setup and aren’t very portable.

Comparisons of Portable Displays

Take a look at the 2 backdrops below.

On the left the Vinyl on Telescopic Frame doesn’t look that great. It has waves in it and glare.

On the right the Fabric on an Expand Frame is smooth, crisp and you can’t see the frame. It just creates a more professional, premium look and experience.

Vinyl on Telescopic Frame

Fabric on an Expand Frame:

As you can see there is a huge difference in the way those 2 backdrops look. We highly recommend to use fabric and expand frames. They look great, are budget-friendly, setup easy in minutes and will represent the brand and/or message.

Like I said before how a step and repeat works is based on the type that you get. With the telescopic frame, you will have to use a screwdriver and have to build the frame before mounting the print.

With the expand frame there are no tools you just literally expand the frame out. For most orders, we ship out fabric prints already mounted on the frame which makes it faster and easier.

Often people will order and have people from their team or volunteers set up the backdrop and with the expand they find it super easy.

Setting the scene

If you’re having a photographer they should be bringing their own lights to have on the backdrop. If you’re only doing selfies you may want to consider the location of the backdrop to make sure there is enough light.

Also having a red carpet really sets the scene and creates a more upscale experience if you’re going for that. We supply red carpets or you may find a local carpet rental that can take care of that for you.

One last thing we recommend when setting up the scene for your event is to consider having a small sign that reminds people taking photos and selfies to link to your cause or event or use the right hashtags.

Getting that online social media traction can be huge for your event, brand or cause awareness and even fundraising.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on how to use a step and repeat.