Step and Repeats range in pricing from $100’s to $1000’s.

There are a 3 main reasons for different pricing:

One is because there are all different sizes from small photo booth style about 5′ wide up to long red carpet runways at movie premieres and awards shows that can 20′ or 30′ foot long. When you know your sizing it will be easier to get pricing for a step and repeat. You can also talk to someone who can share prices based on sizes.

Another reason is the type of step and repeat. There are tube frames that are less expensive because they aren’t as durable and require tools to setup. There are expandable frames that require no tools and are more durable. Lastly there are custom on-site built step and repeats that require trusses.

The last main reason for different prices is material options. You can do an inexpensive vinyl step and repeat but it will have glare and you can’t fold it. Or you can do fabric which is a little more but looks great. Or you can even do rigid 4×8 sheets for a backdrop but these are awkward. The best option generally is fabric; it looks great, is easy to transport or store and has no glare in photos.