There are tons of ways to make your next red carpet event more interactive. While we have worked with tons of innovative designs on step and repeats, there are a couple tried and test solutions that always seem to work.

Consider trying these:


Take a section of your bottom line of logos (half or full line) and include your brand messaging or website. The top and bottom line of logos often doesn’t make it into photos and can be used to catch your guests’ attention and drive them to action. If this seems too much, consider¬†interspacing your lines of logos with your web address.


Include your social media messaging on the sides of the step and repeat with a call to action for event patrons.


Intersperse your logos with QR codes or place a QR code on the end-caps that direct people to an event feed on your website.


Create a hashtag for your event and include it on your wall or end-caps. Alternately, include the hashtag with instructions on how/where to share on a smaller display such as an easel board or retractable beside your backdrop to educate your guests on how to share. Your audience wants to share their experience. Give them the tools to join in on your online conversation.

Give us a call and we can help you take your next red carpet event to the next level or turn your backdrop into a traffic driving hub.