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Personalized red carpet backgrounds have become a must at signature occasions such as weddings, fundraisers, and galas. Red carpets signify an event’s importance and are a great way to celebrate sponsors, showcase the event’s key message, and create photo opportunities.

While most red carpet backdrops are used as a step and repeat and are covered in logos they can be branded with your choice of personal messaging and images. Brides often personalize backgrounds with the wedding party’s initials while galas often include event messaging in addition to sponsor logos.

The great part of personalized red carpet backgrounds is that our team can handle the design, delivery and setup if you don’t want to. Our event branding experts offer either mounted expand step and repeat packages or direct apply stick and peel graphics. Whether you choose a stand alone step and repeat or a wall mount backdrop the most important thing is to create the red carpet scene. In addition to supplying personalized red carpet backdrops we offer stanchions, ropes and red carpets.

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