No assembly required

This means that you won’t have the hassle of putting it together and more importantly you won’t loose parts.

Entirely hidden behind the print

This means that every square inch of the print can be used for your artwork. Also, the lack of visible structure makes the whole set-up look highly professional.

Lightweight, compact & easy to ship & carry

Complete with a carrying case, our expand frame can easily be shipped, stored, carried, or transported by car. Our 8×8 package, print and frame, comes in at 12” x 12” x 35”. You can’t beat that!

This features make the frames we supply perfect for your portable event and marketing display need. Whether you need a portable trade show backdrop, and easy to setup step and repeat or simply a banner stand to back you up at your next event we have got you covered. 


Seamless & panel-free

All of our prints are created on a single run. This means that you won’t be stuck assembling panels or photoshopping seams in photos.


Our fabric print is specifically designed to collapse down and be packaged with the frame in the carrying case. This means that you won’t be lugging around an 8’ tube (as is the case with vinyl prints), nor will you have to deal with 8‘ by 4’ panels.

Specifically designed for photographers

Both the materials and inks used on fabric and vinyl are designed to reduce glare.

We have tried out dozens of material and frame combinations to get to our current product line. We strive daily to ensure our products makes your next photo shoot or event that much easier to manage, photograph and share with the world. Don’t get caught cleaning up glare post shoot or struggling to set up your booth pre event – work with us and we will ensure you a stress free trade show, red carpet or event experience. 


Canadian Owned and Operated

This means that your print and frame won’t get caught up at the border and show up late for your event.

A Provider not Re-seller

Our price point and turnover times reflect the best that the industry has to offer because we control production and finishing on our products. This means we can meet deadlines and offer price points otherwise unmatched!

Passionate about our products & dedicated to your satisfaction 

Located in Toronto, and selling online across Canada and the States, we have the advantage of a big market which allows us to keep our prices and products super competitive in an industry which changes daily. We try to stick to what we do best. We sell products we know are essential for any marketing campaign and deliver them with pride and continued commitment to excellence. We love what we do and it shows daily in our work.