Step and Repeat Frame, Size and Material Options

Red Carpet events are the hallmark of fame and success across industry. While red carpets, black suits and beautiful dresses may make the night, the right backdrop will ensure that it is remembered in style. KA MEDIA offers a full range of purchase and rental options to ensure that your red carpet event is one to remember. When deciding which red carpet backdrop combination is right for you, several factors need to be considered.

For those interested in purchasing a step and repeat for their next red carpet event, there are three major decisions that have to be made.

 (1) FRAME:  Pole and Pocket (pipe and drape) or Pop Up (expand Frame)

(2) MATERIAL: Fabric or Banner

(3) SIZE: Standard single unit sizes (5’X8′, 8′X8′, 8′X10′, 8′X12′)

Perhaps the most important factor when picking out a red carpet backdrop is selecting the length that best suits your vision. Quite often the decision is dictated by the number of people desired in a single shot. This is not as simple as figuring out how many people can stand side by side in an 8′, 10′ or 12′ frame. Many photographers choose to play off the angles on the wall in order to give the shot more depth. Ultimately, the bigger the better. That said, groups of 5 or less can easily be accommodated within a 8′ x 8′ red carpet step and repeat.

  • It should be noted that any length of backdrop can be achieved by combining frames and using a seamless print across them. For instance, a 40′ red carpet backdrop can be achieved by combining four 10′ frames and using a single seamless print.
Step and Repeat Frame Options: Expand Frame or the Telescopic Frame

There are a variety of step and repeat support structures available on the market. The two most popular options are the telescopic frame (a pole and pocket system) and the expand frame (an accordion like system). We recommend the expand frame due to ease of set-up (no assembly) and the overall look and functionality of the finished product. The expand frame’s print (done on either vinyl or fabric) is attached with Velcro and allows for an end result where the frame is entirely hidden in images. Telescopic frames support the print with a pocket. In addition to these systems there are also truss systems which support prints finished with grommets.

* We only offer rental options on the expand frame.

Step and Repeat Materials: Vinyl and Tension Fabric

The standard material application for Step and Repeats is vinyl. The premium option, typically chosen to address issues related to transportation and glare, is fabric. Both options offer a handful of advantages and vary in quality considerably depending on the specific fabric or vinyl used.

END CAPS: Covering the frame when shot from the side:  

End-caps are used to cover the sides of the expand frame. While step and repeats are primarily designed for taking pictures from the front, they nevertheless should reflect your branding and design ideals from all angles.