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Create A Professional Branded Press Conference With A Premium Backdrop…

Why Do Brands And Agencies Recommend Our Backdrops?

✅ Exclusive Color-Sure Guaranteed Printing – We Want Your Red Carpet To Look Perfect

✅ Lifetime Frame Warranty – If you or your team damage it, don’t worry, it’s covered!

✅ One-on-One Support Rep Start To Finish

✅ FREE Printed Material Swatches So that You Can See What It Will Look Like!

We Know. It’s Awesome! Why Risk Anything Else?

Media, Speakers and Maybe Even An Audience.

Let’s Make This Look Perfect!

We have many frames and sizes available to choose from. Our most popular:

  • The Expand style is fast and easy to setup
  • The Quick Click covers the back to block shadows and give double-sided branding
  • The Edge for the most premium high end events.
  • Sizes from 5′ photo backdrops to 30′ long walls…we do it all.

  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric that always looks good after travel and storage
  • Easy tool-free hardware

Production Time: 4-5 days from receiving artwork (RUSH Available)

Shipping: We use all major couriers and in some places local drivers

Backdrop  Frames Lifetime Warranty:

If it’s you, your team or even a courier that damages the frame we’ll replace parts at no cost…for as long as you have it!

Color-Match Guarantee:

We guarantee to match the exact colour you are looking for.

Provide us with your Pantone or get a free printed swatch.


Sizing for a Press/Media Conference Backdrop:

On stages we often go with bigger backdrops like 10 feet high by 20 feet long.

If you’re Just behind a table with speakers you may only need to go 8′ high and we can go all different widths: 8′ to 15′ or even longer.

The most common for a press conference is typically 12′ or 15′ wide by 8′ high.

This is big enough to fill the background of cameras and have a number of people in front.


Types of Backdrops:

This depends on where and how you’re using the backdrop.

If you’re using this on-stage you’re likely going to want to go bigger and want a really clean smooth finish. You don’t want to have any wrinkles or wavy spots or risk it falling over.

For this type of use we have a few options like the Expand Frame or a Quick Click. Those frames both look great and can go big for on stage.

You can also consider reusing the backdrop for other events and marketing later so that may be a factor in choosing the type.

The best bet is to talk to someone on our team and find the right backdrop for your conference.


For the material of the backdrops there is mainly only Vinyl and Fabric.

By far fabric is the recommended choice materials for a press conference.

It looks premium, won’t have glare on camera and is portable so you can travel with or store it easily.

Vinyl is a plastic based material that, while budget-friendly, can look “cheap” and is not convenient to store or transport. This may not be the experience you want to create with your event, brand or sponsors.

We create seamless fabric backdrops 10 feet tall and as wide as you need.


 As you can see there are 100’s of combinations that could work for you. 

We want to find the perfect fit for your event vision and your budget. This is why companies that work with us come back year after year. We provide step and repeats and displays for events across North America.

Our team can help you find the perfect Step and Repeat for your Press Conference that will look perfect on camera, create a professional experience and best represent your brand.

Other products people often also buy for a conference are:

Banner Stands

Table Throws 

Podium Signs

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