Backdrop Material Options

Different materials give you different results. Choose wisely.


Material 1 | Matte Vinyl Step and Repeat Backdrop


Prints from $249

Vinyl is ideally suited to design applications that have low ink coverage and venues with good ambient lighting. When done right vinyl provides a more economical alternative to fabric.

The disadvantage is that the the print shows glare if any flash is used, it bulky to transport (comes in an 8’ tube), is not very good for the environment (its core component is essentially plastic) and it has no stretch so often appears wavy in images.

Expand Frames from $399

Material 2 | Dye Sub Fabric Step and Repeat Backdrop

Kick Ass.

Prints from $499

Our premium fabric backdrops are guaranteed glare free. No matter the angle, no matter the lighting, no matter the photographer – you can rest assured your backdrop will showcase the best of your brand.

The added benefits of choosing fabric are that the print can be stored on the frame between uses (keeps everything together), our dye sublimation print technology makes it dry-cleanable and the slight stretch helps smooth out wrinkles to keep it looking flat.

Expand Frames from $399

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