Toronto is home to some of the best step and repeat events across the county. While TIFF takes the pie for the most notable red carpet affair of the year, countless smaller productions scatter the city every month.

Red carpet step and repeats have increasingly become a staple for event and marketing companies looking to brand their events. Integrating calls to action in the form of hashtags, qr codes, and other social signals on backdrops means that events are increasingly being brought online.

While we specialize in backdrops, we work with a variety of companies in the GTA which can help provide you with all the red carpet staples.

Some things to consider for your next step and repeat event include:

  1. Crowd Control (stanchions and barricades)
  2. Lighting (Softboxes and/or mounted lights)
  3. Wayfinding & Directional Signage
  4. The Step and Repeat Backdrop
  5. The Red Carpet or Carpets