Custom Video Backdrops

Create professional looking videos
that impress your viewers

These fabric backdrops make installation a breeze

  • Custom full colour video backdrops allow you to create the exact impression you want for viewers!

  • Unlimited Options: Branded with your logo and contact info, a bookcase, an office in the background, a beach, a window with a great view or even a real green screen. Create the ultimate scene for your videos so you stand out and get noticed!

  • More reliable than “digital backdrops” that glitch in the middle of calls or recordings…that’s embarrassing!

  • Hide your living room, kitchen or bedroom so you don’t have to show you’re working from home

  • Include logo, branding and contact info to gain credibility and make people want to connect with you

  • Setup is fast and easy so you can hop on a call quickly and take it down if you want right after

  • Lightweight and portable so you can move around the house if you want different lighting or a different space

  • Impress clients so you can get more leads, sales or following!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why fabric?

Fabric is wrinkle resistant and does not have glare which you can get from vinyl backdrops. Fabric is also easier to store without the hassle of a giant vinyl tube.

How much space does it take up?

These video walls are only 1′ thick and however wide you choose.

Is it hard to setup and take down?

No, these setup in less than a minute with no tools!

How clear will it look on camera?

Sometimes people won’t even know it’s a printed background (depending on what design you choose).

Can I put anything on it?

Yes, anything you want…including your own high resolution images.

What if I want to move around the house?

You can either leave it assembled and move it or take it down and setup again in a couple of minutes.

How quickly will it arrive?

Typical delivery is within a week from artwork approval and payment. Check on your specific location and if there are any possible delivery delays.

Why are these better than a virtual backdrop?

Virtual background try to remove what it thinks is the background but sometimes it cuts off your arm or head. Also virtual backgrounds can quit working mid-video and be embarrassing.

Why is the cost so low? I’ve seen others that cost way more.

We are a high volume printer that can produce at lower costs and we are looking to support people in growing their businesses at this time.

Do you offer refunds on this product?

There aren’t refunds once it is printed but we do offer colour guarantees.

How do I order?

Simply click on the orange Contact Us Now button below to get started on your backdrop.

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