Vinyl is a great option if you:

  •  have good ambient lighting
  •  have low ink coverage
  •  are on a tight budget

When it comes to backdrops, matte vinyl is the industry standard! Vinyl is ideally suited to design applications that have low ink coverage and venues with good ambient lighting. When done right vinyl provides a more economical alternative to fabric and yields an uncompromisingly powerful visual effect. The disadvantage is that the the print shows glare if any flash is used, it’s bulky to transport (comes in an 8′ tube), it’s not very good for the environment (its core component is essentially plastic) and it has no stretch so often appears wavy in images.

Key Features:

  • Full Colour Direct Digital Prints
  • Seamless Prints up to 10′ tall

Production Time and Shipping:

  • 3 working days from final artwork approval until shipping
  • Shipping time depends on destination (inquire with your sales representative)
  • Rush services and expedited shipping available for tight timelines