Step and repeats can be in all shapes and sizes.

We create backdrops from small portable selfie wall style that are 7 foot tall by 5 foot wide all the way up to massive backdrops for movie premieres.

Bigger backdrops are often 10 foot tall and up to 20 or 30 in length.

Typical backdrops for a gala, conference, marketing or similar are 8 foot tall by 10 foot wide.

That is our most popular size.

It’s big enough to fit a small group of people but yet still small enough and portable to move around.

We have a few styles of hardware. The most common is the expand backdrop frame. This one is approx 12″ thick. Meaning it creates a wall effect and is more stable because of the framing it’s held up with.

This is important because you don’t want it to fall over and it’s helpful to be able to weight the bottom inside.

We recommend sandbags or tying it off if you can.

Other things to consider:

  • Material type for your event use
  • Hardware style
  • How many times you’re going to use it?
  • If it’s short term or long term use?
  • Who will be setting it up on-site?
  • Do you prefer a tool-free setup?
  • Do you need design?

These are the kinds of questions our expert team asks you when determining the best product for your event.


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