You can make a video backdrop out of anything but we recommend to consider who your audience is and how important it is for them to take your video seriously.

What do I mean by that?

We create first impressions in seconds. If someone comes to watch your video and the background is not something that they find pleasing or build trust with they likely aren’t going to stay and watch it.


Make sure that you create a backdrop that looks professional and builds trust.

If you have a brand, tagline share it.


Creating a backdrop is easy. Creating a backdrop that makes you stand out and impress viewers takes a little more effort.

Don’t cut yourself short in this area. Take the time to get the right option. Invest in something that helps you stand out from the crowd and it will be worth the investment.

When people ask me how important it is for them to have a professional backdrop I say it could be the thing that makes or breaks them trusting you and buying from you. How important is that?


There are wall mount options and free-standing options depending on your budget.

• Wall mount just go on the wall with hooks or clips.

• Free standing options have hardware that allows you to create a backdrop wall behind you anywhere.

• We also have studio production grade backdrops.


WARNING: Remember to avoid virtual or digital backgrounds as they often glitch during video and that can be embarrassing.


If you want to create a simple but effective video backdrop reach out to our team and we’ll design a proof for you.

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