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Simply put, there is no better way to celebrate your sponsors than with a red carpet backdrop. Red carpet backdrops, when covered in sponsor logos, are often called step and repeats,┬áboth because of the pattern of logos and the way individuals step up for a photograph which is then repeated with the next guest. Kick Ass Media has supplied red carpet sponsor backdrops for close to a decade for some to North America’s premiere film openings, galas, fundraisers and award shows.

Types of Red Carpet Sponsorship Backdrops

Kick Ass Media offers a variety of sponsorship backdrops. Our most popular is the expand step and repeat. The package is sold with either a vinyl or fabric step and repeat print. In addition to this accordion frame style, we offer a variety of other backdrop solutions. For those looking for something a little more permanent, we offer a low tack adhesive fabric that can be applied, re-positioned and removed from practically any surface. You can even apply it yourself. There literally is not an easier material to work with.

What about the Red Carpet, Stanchions and Ropes?

In addition to supplying red carpet backdrops, we also offer a full range of red carpet event supplies. Whether you are looking for industry standard red carpet or a more plush or unique look, we’ve got it. We also offer stanchions, ropes, easels and much more!