When thinking about the best colour for your video backdrop what you really want to consider is the feel you want to create for viewers.

Do you want it clean and professional, artsy and funky, edgy, boho chic, masculine and strong, funny?

How do you decide?

Think about the audience you want to build a relationship with.

What do I mean by that? 

Let’s face it, you want a good background so people see it, are impressed or have a good feeling about you, your brand or product. That way they follow, like, share or even buy from you.

We create first impressions instantly and you want to create a good first impression with your audience. We create first impressions by creating an experience people resonate with.

What does that mean?

Think like this…I have a baby girl and my partner is always researching stuff and watching videos. What she vibes with is a relaxed, calm, feminine video. That feeling is the brand and the core of the relationship.

If she goes to watch a video and it has a loud edgy background she is going to be turned off.

As she creates the relationship with some of the people she watches, often mommy vloggers have brands and she builds trust with that brand. As she builds trust she is more likely to buy or recommend.

Makes sense right?

Later when she sees their brand somewhere promoting a product, ad, video or other she already has trust built.

That is how important this is. It can literally be the make or break of someone’s decision to support you or buy from you.


So what colour should you use?

Think how often you have seen Coke or Pepsi branding or other major brands. Companies have been doing this for years. In marketing there is a great rule of 7. Apparently studies showed that a customer has to see or hear your message at least 7 times before they would buy from you.

Now that number is believed to be getting higher. That’s why it’s valuable to have something to do with the brand viewers will connect to.

Have you ever bought a jacket or car or something and then seen it everywhere? That’s because your brain has built a relationship with that thing.

You want your videos to have the same effect.

When considering colour for a background, consider your brand colours first and we recommend having your logo or something there people will recognize.

Next think about what you are recording in front of it.

Dark colours can make you lose a foreground colour and whites can be too stark and bright. The best are pale colours or greys that have minimal design or features so it’s not distracting.

If you want to learn more about getting a custom branded backdrop contact us now or check out other posts and videos to learn more.

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